VT-x is not available error in VirtualBox 3.0

After installing the VirtualBox 3.0, when I started my Ubuntu VM, I got the error shown in the image on the right side.

The reason for this error is explained in this discussion thread. To recover from this error, follow these steps below:
  • Click on the OK button and come to the VirtualBox manager.
  • Click on the VM that threw this error and click on the System.
  • Click on the Processor tab and reduce the number of CPUs to 1.
  • Click on OK and save your changes.
  • Now start your VM by selecting it and clicking on Start button or just by double clicking on the VM.
Though the VirtualBox can support multiprocessor guest operating systems, to enable it you must have VT-x support from the underlying processor.


Anonymous said…
You might try reducing your base memory under settings to around 3175MB and reduce your cores to 1. That should work.

-Michael Cantu Side5 Development

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