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An absolute essential thing you should know about Hibernate cache

You might have used Hibernate for your ORM needs. The most important thing that you should about Hibernate cache is that it is implemented using a Map and a reference every entity that you have read from the database is kept in that Map. The key of that Map is the Entity ID (which could be just a Long or some form of composite primary key you have defined and wrapped in an EntityKey). The value stored is the entity itself (proxied).

If you read a 1000 entities (or rows) from the database, a reference to each one of them will be kept in the Map. If those entities have relationships specified (one-to-many or many-to-many) with other entities and those entities should be loaded eagerly, you are asking Hibernate to load a lot more than 1000 entities.

If you venture into processing a large set of rows (say 100,000 rows), a reference to every one those rows is going to be kept in the Map. Sometimes the amount of memory needed could be so large that your process might run out of memory (as …