Line color in PlotKit

I am experimenting with PlotKit tool. So far I am liking the simplicity of the library and the good documentation.

I was making use of the SweetCanvasRenderer to draw a line graph, as I was strictly following the quick start example. I wanted to draw two line graphs in the same canvas, each with different colors. But with the SweetCanvasRenderer it is not possible to change the line color, as it always overrides the strokeStyle property in the Context with white color. See the code below from SweetCanvas.js:
context.strokeStyle = Color.whiteColor().toRGBString();
If you would like to make use of SweetCanvasRenderer, still would like to have different colors for each of the lines, you will have to do it with little changes to the SweetCanvas.js file. Or you can consider making use of the BasicCanvasRenderer.


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