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Absolutely cool dbx commands

Have you ever used dbx to debug a program? Its really cool. I have been using dbx for more than 6 years now. I am hoping that I will write a full fledged tutorial on using dbx (before it is dead and deep buried :-) Here are a few things which I felt absolutely essential to any programmer using dbx.

edit and fix
examineassignset follow_fork_mode and set follow_fork_inherit commands
Most of the time I find that people who are new to dbx exiting the dbx session just to make a small fix. Well, you don't really have to exit, recompile and start a new dbx session. You can use a combination of edit and fix commands. If you simply give edit, dbx will open the current file in the editor set by EDITOR environmental variable(vi is default). If you wish to edit a specific file, you can give that file's name as an argument to the edit commend. You don't have to give the full path, as dbx is smart enough to find out the full path of the known files. (Give files command to find out what are…