Fastest way to switch between buffers in Emacs

In any given Emacs session, I have at least 5 buffers open. One of the pains of using C-x b to switch between buffers is that after typing every few characters, you have to type tab to perform completion. It is a waste of time.

iswitchb is a much more efficient alternative to the default switch-to-buffer that is invoked while you type C-x b. It is time saving in two ways: (1) there is no need to type tab for completion and (2) you can give any part of the buffer name in the minibuffer prompt and jump to that buffer.

To enable this mode, add the following line in your .emacs file.
(iswitchb-mode 1) 
Thats it. You are ready to rock-n-roll.

More info at:


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