Pattern: How to start a thread of execution in Fantom

In Fantom, how do you start a new thread of execution? The pattern below is very simple and nice.

    const class Main {
        Void main() {
            svc := Actor(ActorPool()) { doSomething }.send(null)

        Obj? doSomething() {
            // Do something like binding to a port and listening for requests.
            // Or you can call another method that does that.

            return null

The code above might seem a little odd at first. All that it does is to create an Actor with a code block that will execute the doSomething method. By sending a dummy message (".send(null)"), the Actor instance is started.

The key here is that sending a dummy message to an Actor starts the Actor. This same trick may be applicable to other Actor based languages as well.


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