Eclipse Helios JEE and Tomcat issue

I installed the latest Eclipse Helios JEE package. Every time when I try to start my Tomcat instance, I started getting 100% CPU and an non-responsive Eclipse. I figured out that this was an issue with the WTP that comes by default with the Eclipse package (which I think is 3.2.0) and this issue was fixed with WTP version 3.2.1. If you try to update this package by using "Help->Check For Updates" it won't update. So here is how you can update:
  1. Go to "Help->Install New Software".
  2. In the "Work with:" input box, give the URL "".
  3. Wait for all the package information to be downloaded and select "Web Tools Platform (WTP) 3.2.1" option. If you are planning to use any other package, you can select them. But make sure you select the ones from 3.2.1 version distribution.
  4. Click on Next and follow the prompt to complete installation. 
If you restart Eclipse, you should be fine. You should no longer see any 100% CPU issues.

If you are interested in knowing more about the issue, please refer here.


test said…
You saved my day! Thanks.
eclipse user said…
Saved my whole night struggling ;-) Thank you!

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