Django tutorial

I manged to complete the three parts Django tutorial today. I haven't worked with many web frameworks before. I have a very good experience in CGI and some flaky experience in JSP and PHP. I liked Django for the reason that they coupled the model and the database and provide the ability to almost worry nothing about writing database queries. I don't know how much more time it would have taken if I had written the poll application myself in either JSP or CGI. Especially setting up the database and the tables.

Now that I have first hand experience in developing application in Django, I am yet to see the performance under reasonable and heavy loads. I am also yet to discover how Django is deployed in production. As per my understanding, the design of the Python interpreter itself is not suitable for multi-threaded applications. The best way to scale Python is not to create a multi-threaded application, but to have more instances of Python running with some load balancing server in front of these applications.


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