Thursday, January 25, 2007

Software Development Best Practices Conference 2007

Last week Friday I attended the Software Development Best Practices Conference 2007. It was an eventful day. There were two presentations which made me feel that I got much more in return than what I paid for. They are "Better Software - No matter what" by Dr. Scott Meyers and "Securing Software Design and Architecture: Uncut and Uncensored" by Dr. Herbert Thompson. In the photo, I am seen with Dr. Scott Meyers. (Thanks to Abhishek Pandey from Intuit for the photo)

You can see the presentation slides of Dr. Scott Meyers in the SD Expo web site.

Other sponsored speakers discussed more about their companies and the products that they were advertising, which is quite understandable.

Dr. Thompson's speech was lively and full of information. He shared three incidents that happened in the past that drove him mad to believe that "bugs are everywhere" and security is the most critical aspect of any product. Of the three incidents, I loved the Bahamian Adventure of Soda Machines! A couple of his best books can be viewed here.

Bottom line: I am deeply convinced that one can break any software.

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