Thursday, December 07, 2006

Empty VMWare SCSI disks

We had a heated discussion in our team today. One of my teammates was complaining that the existing 8 GB disk (the .vmdk file) that he had attached to his VMWare Player was running out of space. Hence he needed a work around for that. Remember that all of us only have a VMWare Player, not a VMWare Workstation using which you can create a hard disk image. I suggested him a hack.
  • Copy the existing .vmdk file. Give it a new name.
  • Add that file as the next SCSI drive in your VWWare configuration file (.vmx file). You can do it easily by editing your .vmx file in notepad.
  • Start your virtual OS. In his case it was RH Linux.
  • Format the newly added disk. (mke2fs /dev/sdb).
You are done. You have another 8 GB of storage. But still I was not happy about this hack. What in case he exhausts all this 8 GB soon. So I was searching the Internet. My objective is simple: I have an up and running VMWare virtual OS where I would like to add a new SCSI drive of whatever size I want.

Well! Forever For Now gives empty SCSI disks for your VMWare player in three different sizes. Added to that, you also get a bunch of good tips-and-tricks that are very useful. Go ahead and give it a try!

Forever For Now site also gives a lot of other articles that are useful too. You might find it an interesting reading to go through their web site.

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