Thursday, November 16, 2006

Microsoft Windows PowerShell is out

To compete with Unix style shells (really?), the Windows PowerShell is out for you to try. As per the information available in the web site, the PowerShell comes with more than 130 standard command line tools, that will make the automation job of every administrator a breeze.

What more, all these tools have been made to have a standard and consistent interface. Why such an insistence on this? Do you know that there is tskill.exe and taskkill.exe? Though both of them apparently seem to be doing the same business, they are not. The first is a subset of the other and the way you specify the arguments is also a little different. Go ahead ... try now! Like these, there are a couple of more anomalies too. I guess MS is known for such kind of inconsistent interface, at least when it comes to command line interface. Hence it is understood and appreciated when MS says all these tools have a common consistent interface.

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